Monday, May 14, 2012

macro I made :)

its been awhile. I thought I should put something refreshing

Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to be 16

  1. Don't be bothered to do things that won't give you back money, fun, ego or friends.
  2. stick with your social groups
  3. try to be like the person next to you
  4. if you're bold enough to stand out, try to annoy teacher, complain frequently, use swear words in daily basis, do things your parents might not want you to do, dress revealingly
  5. your friends are your life. don't let them go. always try to make up even if it is not your fault.
  6. but if your friend say bad stuff about you, and ruined your ego in front of your other friends, dump them, they're not worth it.
  7. nothing about school is cool. if someone ask you, say you dont like school. there is nothing interesting in a school, except for friends. complain about everything else.
  8. if you're a boy you have a choice of either being shy or arrogant. if your shy, stay in your social group, you would probably never gonna get a girlfriend, unless the girl ask you out. if you're arrogant, flirt.
  9. if you're a girl you have a choice of either be a good girl or bad. if you choose to be good, it must be because you have strict parents, or you want to be rich and famous someday. but for now, you must blend in with the crowd. never raise your hand, it makes you look arrogant, joined leadership program and other school position that will make you look good in your resume. you should consider boys as friends. that is until a perfect prince charming comes along. if you choose to be a bad girl, you should act like you don't care about everything (whether you really don't care or you do). refuse to do any school work unless you really have to. don't try to hard. if a boy makes a joke, laugh. if a boy make fun of a teacher, giggle. if they flirt, smile shyly. try to annoy teacher as much as possible, but try not to sass to much, leave that to the boys. your job is to be an admiring audience. you're aim in life should be to look good, feel good, and have a good time with your friends. leave everything else behind, they don't matter.
  10. look attractive. if you are really a rebel, do everything in order to look cool. even if some people won't consider you attractive, at least your friends think your brave and cool. if your a "good girl or boy" type, try to look nice and attractive without breaking any rules of society. don't try to stand out. wear "safe" clothes, clothes that are nice enough to be attractive but decent enough to not look weird.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

my newest obsession....:)

......Artemis Fowl!

this series is kinda old. it has been started since 2001 i think. thats 10 years ago. i just started reading them now. and it has to be the BEST book ever (so far)! Artemis fowl is officially my favorite hero and villian. at least until I could find another hero or villian to admire.

my cousin first introduce me to the series. at first it sounds a bit....weird. a good villian who steals gold from fairies is weird. especially how my cousin said it. she has no potential to be an advertiser. but she is very obsessive with the book. and soon enough curiosity has got the better of me.

and once I start, I could not stop. that book is truly addictive (like most book I'v read). I also find it very motivating when doing my math homework. I read one chapter of the book than close it and put it in front of me. then I forced myself not to touch that book before I finish my work. i finished my work in about 30 minutes. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

myths about muslims from my point of view :)

  1. Muslims hate dogs.
    I like dogs. I think they're cute. Dogs are considered "haram" in Islam. but we're only not allowed to be licked by one. it's alright to stroke it's fur. and even if we get licked by a dog, we don't get a sin or something like that. we are just considered not pure, so we have to wash it off with water and dirt.

  2. "Covered" muslimah are not allowed to cut their hair.
    I remembered a girl ask me if I'm allowed to cut my hair. yes, we are allowed to cut our hair, some people mistaken us as another religion:"Sikh". I don't know much about Sikh, but someone told me the guys who wear turban (I think thats what it is called) are not allowed to cut any hair on their body. so yeah, it's a different religion.

  3. My parents force me to wear a head covering.
    If my parents did force me to wear this, I would rebel against it. I am a teenager after all. it's my decision to wear this. if I decided to take it off, my parents could do nothing to stop me.

  4. The "Hijab" (head covering) is about culture not religion.
    I guess some muslims think that way. they thought a hijab is from middle eastern culture. actually it is said in the Quran ( I forgot where) that a muslim woman has responsibility to cover their bodies. there are different opinions about how much they should cover. I believe that everything should be covered except for the hands and the face.

  5. Muslims are middle eastern.
    I'm Asian, I considered myself Asian because I'm born in a country that is next to Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and a few other Asian country (I'm from Indonesia). and also because my friends said I looked Vietnamese. Islam does start from the middle east, but it kinda spread all around the world. you can find African muslims, Indian muslims, Asian muslims, and even Caucasian muslims.

  6. Muslims Worshiped Muhammad.
    No! We definitely do not worshiped Muhammad. we viewed Muhammad differently than how Christians viewed Jesus. We don't believe that Muhammad is god or the son of god. Muhammad is a human that is the messenger of God (Rasulullah). His job is to teach people to worship one God (Allah). I guess he is kinda the one who created Islam. but he's not exactly telling people about Allah, he's actually reminding them because there actually a few more messenger (nabi/prophet) before him who teaches the same thing. but Muhammad is the last and the one who "perfected" the religion. at least that's how I understand it. Apologies if I posted something wrong

  7. Islam is about suffering for nothing.
    I remember how it hurts when someone says that to me. but it hurts even more that back then I don't know how to explain. I do know the explanation. but I guess back then I was kind of shocked and hurt to think of an explanation. anyway this is my explanation.
    If you spend a rainy night outside the ticket box so you can be the first in line see the newest blockbuster movie, would you call that suffering?
    If you're crammed up in the last train in the middle of the night after you watched the new year fireworks, would you call that suffering?
    If you spend all weekend indoors studying so you can get enough marks to pass a subject, would you call that suffering?
    well, you would. then why do you do it? because you think the movie, the fireworks, and the marks are worth it.
    same here... we think that we would get a reward in the end and we believed there is a reason why we have to do things that you might thing is unbearable, even if we don't know the reason, we believe there is one. there always is. at least I do. so I don't consider myself "suffer" under the rules of Islam. I consider myself protected, happy, and free.

  8. Muslims are Terrorist.
    Ouch! that hurts. but I guess someone does think like that. as far as I know killing is not allowed in Islam except for self defense. Muhammad is against killing women and children during war. and even killing animals and trees and thats the truth. especially killing another Muslim that should be considered as a brother. Muhammad never force a person to convert to Islam by killing. I don't know much about the reason terrorism but I believe killing people is wrong even if it is meant as a revenge or a warning. killing people won't make you people look up to Islam, it only make people hate it. it won't help other muslims, it will only make them suffer more because of prejudice. Islam is not about killing. and for those people who still insist that all muslims are terrorist I want you to think what it would be like to be me.
    I'm just another fifteen year old who goes to school, have dreams, worried about my future, want to be liked. I make mistakes like anybody would, and I always try to fix them even if it doesn't always work. I'm just like anybody else in this world. only I just choose to dress a bit differently but who cares. everybody is different. why would you consider me, a terrorist? I never killed anybody, I didn't do those stuff, and I do not know how to make a bomb. how would you feel if you are me? it hurts to be biased as a terrorist, it hurts to see Muhammad, someone who I respect, is blamed for terrorism, it hurts to be judged, and everyone knows that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

someone hates me :(

ever get the feeling that someone just... hate you for no reason?
I'm just a quiet girl in the corner of the class.
I hardly speak to anybody.
but I'm well mannered, i think.
I always try to answer if someone asks me something.
but I get the feeling that someone hates me...
she glares at me for no reason.
I thought it was just a feeling but it's not.
she's a cheerful person, she never frowns, unless she's looking my way.
I understand if nobody actually like me (well they don't know me)
why would anybody hate me?
but I guess i wouldn't mind since I got this theory: the more people hating you the more people liking you.
so I guess more people will like me :).
so I don't mind...
I dont mind..
hiks hiks huaaaaaa (that is supposed to be crying)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

random facts about moi

  • my mother said I run before I learn to crawl
  • I was born in Jakarta, indonesia. whe I was 2 I moved in to the middle of a jungle in balikpapan, kalimantan, Indonesia. when I was 5 I moved to Montreal, Canada (I still remember their national anthem). I stayed there for a year and a half then I moved back to Indonesia. 8 years later I moved to sydney. a year later then to Victoria.
  • my family is really close to my cousins familiy I always feel like I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers.
  • my younger brother is 13 years younger than me.
  • I was born with curly hair then one day I tried to straighten it and it stays straight forever
  • i'm a virgo
  • people say I look like my grandmother
  • I have no living grandparents (sad)
  • I frequently write, delete, then rewrite a statement before publishing it on facebook just to make sure nobody is ofended.
  • my father is an orphan and is adopted
  • I'm a feminist and yet I wear a hijab
  • I hate lollies and anything sweet
  • I don't drink alcohol, soda, and any drinks that had too much sugar or caffein
  • I like broccoli
  • I enjoy writting random stuff about me
  • but I don't bother reading them
  • I'm still looking for a place for work experience even though the deadline is over
  • my whole family went out to watch karate kid last sunday but I chose to stay home and slept untill they came back.
  • I have trouble sleeping now days
  • I have a habit of waking up at 3 am in the morning
  • I pray 5 times a day like any other muslims
  • have I mentioned I'm a muslim?
  • I have a nephew who is older than me.